Knight Hollow Nursery, Inc, (KHN) is a family-owned small business located in Middleton, Wisconsin.  We are an industry leader in woody plant tissue culture. KHN was founded by Deborah McCown in 1981 and is family run and operated to this day.  We are a contract-based wholesale propagator but do have an extensive inventory of cultured plants. 

We offer isolation into sterile culture, scale-up cloning, and marketing to wholesale growers of unique, high- value plant specimens specializing in contracts as the exclusive propagator of patented woody ornamental plants and previously difficult-to-multiply specimens.

We maintain a large lab that rotates up to 1,000,000 micro cuttings at any one time and a plant rooting room with a capacity of 100,000 rooted microcuttings. This allows us to root and acclimate our own cultured cuttings, making tissue-cultured plants more accessible to a wide range of clients. We also have 200 ft of greenhouse where we grow liner-sized plants from our rooted tissue cultured cuttings.

We ship year-round from all three of our sizes of plants, tissue-cultured cuttings directly from culture, rooted acclimated cultured cuttings, and greenhouse liners. We have developed efficient and cost-effective shipping methods to get our plants to our clients quickly and safely.


Deborah D. McCown – President

Elizabeth M. Dunham – Vice President

Brent McCown – Consultant
(Brent is a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who assists with special research projects and consults on new technologies.)

Please contact us for an up to date plant list or contract-based orders.

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