The Lab

Micropropagation (wholesale) lab 


Spin-off Technology: A plant reproduction (cloning) method using sterile test-tube culture, called micropropagation.


The Product: Isolation into sterile culture, scale-up cloning, and marketing to whole sale growers of unique, high value plant specimens, specializing in contracts as exclusive propagator of patented woody ornamental plants and previously difficult-to-multiply specimens.


The History: The technology was first perfected at UW-Madison in the late 70's in the laboratory of Professor Brent McCown. After successful demonstration projects conducted by UW/industry cooperators, KHN was established to meet the demand for such services. 



Year Founded: 1981

The Company Today: Knight Hollow Nursery continues to provide high quality and unique cloning services to the nursery industry throughout the U.S. and occasionally foreign countries. KHN accepts proprietary contracts from private firms, arboreta and U.S. Government agencies. The company remains privately held, small (five employees), and respected nationally and internationally for high quality products and services.


Founders: Dr. Deborah D. McCown & Professor Brent H. McCown